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The Harley Bedroom Range has been specifically designed to support and meet the needs of people living with dementia. This range has been developed to try to help you to promote a safe and comfortable surrounding for your residents to feel at home in. With key design points to help minimise confusion and anxiety which may help your resident with their daily routine.




Our unique open section on the wardrobes allows the clothes to be seen, touched and accessed very easily, because this section is open it means that there is no glass or polycarbonate door panel with may cause distress due to reflections and access confusion.










Drawer fronts have soft rounded corners and profiled edges  with the option of a large scoop detailed handle








The tops of all units have soft rounded corners and smooth profiled edges. Low level units are fitted with a vertical rail at the back to prevent anything falling behind the unit and being lost.






Mirrors have the option of being folded closed  as a mirror can cause distress and upset if  they do not recognise their reflection.







The headboards have large smooth rounded corners, these are made from laminated boards which are hygienic, easy to wipe and keep clean








Memory Boxes provide a history of the individual and are a great way to promote a person-centred approach providing carers and visitors with valuable opportunities for interaction. The memory box has a slide out acrylic front panel, removable acrylic shelf and a pin board back to allow pictures etc. to be mounted with ease.








The large scoop detail drawer fronts although helpful for some, they are not always suitable for all residents and therefore you can have the choice of upgrading to full drawer fronts with handles instead.





* All products within the Harley Dementia range are available to order below; however we do recommend that if you are planning to purchase items from this range that you contact a member of our sales team directly for advice and to discuss the best possible package to suit individual patient's needs.



Harley Locable Bedside Cabinet with Drawer
Harley 3 Drawer SMALL Chest
Harley 3 Drawer WIDE Chest
Harley 4 Drawer SMALL Chest
Harley 4 Drawer WIDE Chest
Harley 5 Drawer SMALL Chest
Harley 5 Drawer WIDE Chest
Harley Single Wardrobe
Harley Double Wardrobe
Harley Wide Double Wardrobe
Harley Dressing Table
Harley Folding Wall Mirror
Harley Memory Box
Single Harley Headboard
Double Harley Headboard