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Condenser Tumble Dryer - 7-8kg


Drying capacity: 7-8 kg
Drying type: Condenser
Energy efficiency: classB
Sensor control (automatic /non-automatic): No
Annual energy consumption: 628 kWh
Energy consumption per cycle: 5.38 kWh
Drying time for a cotton cycle: 154 minutes
Condensation efficiency: classC
Noise level: 69 dB(A)
Number of programs: 15 + 1
Drying time for a cotton cycle: 145 minutes
Loading: Front loading
Fluff filter: Yes
Other features: Humidity sensor drying
Display: LED indicators
Programme selector: Dial & buttons

Dimensions- 850 x 595 x 610 mm (H x W x D)

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Condenser Tumble Dryer - 7-8kg.jpg

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